John grew up in Ashburton before attending Otago University, graduating with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 1996. He has practised in the Auckland region ever since.

I have a strong commitment to my patients and the dental profession. I will always seek to understand what people are hoping for and expecting, then work hard to achieve this result. It is so important to be honest, respectful, thorough and informative.

We have invested heavily in digital diagnostic systems, chair and lighting to ensure I gather as much accurate information about a person's mouth as possible. Providing sedation as a part of my practice allows everyone to have the care they need.

This lets me inform people properly about the issues affecting them. I do not subscribe to any one treatment option or fancy gadget. The risk of this is; dentists can become a salesman for that product rather than the professional advocate for their patient. Selling them option A, only because they have paid one hundred thousand dollars for the machine that makes it.
Explaining a person's situation to them, the short and long term implications is so crucial. This allows them to make good choices for their current treatment plan and also helps them understand how the problem arose in the first place, thus empowering them to make the lifestyle changes that will prevent the same problem recurring over and over in the future. It is true, like most things, that dental health is mostly a result of lifestyle. So communication and education are vital to achieving the goal of good dental health, this is the preventive approach I believe in.

Dentists need to form a relationship with their patients and see them at regular intervals, then they see the pattern of health over time and can intervene to ensure everything stays healthy. This allows trust in each other to develop, which can go a long way to alleviating the fear many people have of the dentist.

I'm so pleased many of my previous patients have followed me from my former practice and would love to see some new faces from the Lynfield community walking in the door giving me the opportunity to help them achieve dental health too.


Raewyn Coburn grew up in Lynfield, attending all the local schools. Later studying at AUT, qualifying and practising as a registered nurse.

This lead to dentistry at Lincoln Road Accident and Emergency where we met.

"I am very patient focused, believing in helping people to attain quality of life by maintaining good oral and general health. We make a great team after working many years together."

We look forward to caring for the Lynfield community in the years to come.

Husband and wife team Dr John and Raewyn Coburn have worked together for more than 20 years.