Sedation Dentistry In West Auckland

As the word implies, sedation is the act of making a person more sedate, relaxed and forgetful. For those that feel anything but sedate when contemplating dental treatment, sedation could be a good option.

How is it done?
Sedation is achieved with a group of drugs known as "Benzodiazepines" of which Valium (Diazepam) is the best known. We use Midazolam. Midazolam is ideal as it produces a rapid but short lived sedation with a strong "Amnesic effect" (preventing memories of the event).
Please note - although this technique is very effective for fearful dental patients and you will often remember little of the appointment; it's safety comes from ensuring you remain AWAKE throughout the whole appointment. This technique does not "knock you out".  To go off to sleep you require a general anaesthetic.

The best way to administer Midazolam is through a vein in the arm. This allows us to control the dose better and maintain a sedated state much longer. This does require easily accessed veins.

When to consider Sedation Dentistry

Aside from the obvious reason - fear of dental treatment, sedation is very helpful for people who:
- Are having a very long appointment and need help to get through.
- Have a strong gag response and otherwise could not have certain procedures, such as impressions.
- Do not go numb easily with local Anaesthetic.
- Have very sensitive teeth even when we clean them.
- Cannot open their mouth very wide for long periods.

 How to Prepare
We must have a short visit with you before any sedation procedure, to check you are healthy and take some recordings, as well as gaining your consent. Written instructions are provided at the time.
Mainly, we need you to bring a responsible adult to escort you home and look after you following the dental visit as you will still be drowsy from the sedative. You must also not eat or drink for fourhours prior to your visit.

Sedation Dentistry is a safe and simple way to remove the difficulty associated with dental care that some people face.


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