Gentle Dentistry For Children In West Auckland

Pre Adolescent Dental Care

From age 0 to 18 (inclusive) all New Zealanders are entitled to free general dental care. 0 to pre high school children can see a dental therapist at no cost. Phone your local primary school to enroll them. Times have changed since we were kids, these clinics offer a friendly environment and are focused on prevention and education.

Adolescent Dental Care

Qualifying children from school year 9 to their eighteenth birthday are eligible to receive state funded basic dental care. This includes an annual examination of their mouth by a dentist and any general dental care they may need.

We are a contracted children's dental clinic and service provider to the Auckland DHB (Ministry of Health) and can enroll and look after your children between year 9 and eighteen at no cost.

Lynfield Dental Centre is a short walk from Lynfield College behind KFC Hillsborough Road.


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Can you name your child's Dentist?

Or do you leave them to the "Mystery Machine" that visits their school?

As a high school kid I remember riding my bike to Dr Hill's office for an annual checkup. He was Mum and Dad's dentist. They knew him well and trusted him to look after me. These days there are an increasing number of mobile dental units visiting schools. These offer convenience for both parents and kids.
Sadly, they don't offer anything else. Who is the Dentist your child sees? Will they see the same Dentist next year? Are you welcome to attend with your child? If they are under 16, you are their legal guardian, have you consented to the treatment they are provided? In fact, most of the oral health provider in these mystery machines are not Dentists.

Over the past several years I have seen an increasing number of 18 year old's graduating from these mobile clinics with advanced, untreated tooth decay. These units seem geared to providing annual examinations to high school children while possibly neglecting their treatment needs. This could be because treatment is less economical to provide than a quick exam? Ask your child how long their last exam was at the mobile bus, it takes at least half an hour to properly examine a young person's mouth, provide hygiene and advice.

Good Dentistry for Children is a relationship that develops over the years with the same Dentist. This should ideally start as early as possible. Your child gets to know and trust their Dentist while we get to know your child and their specific needs (same goes for adults). The buses promote that you "No longer need to bother interrupting your own schedule to attend with your child". We couldn't disagree more and actively encourage you to come along with them to see us. This gives us a great opportunity to work with the family towards the best outcome for your child. This is what we offer, nothing mysterious.

Choose Lynfield Dental Centre for your children's dental clinic. To enroll your child with us please call 09 626 6622

We also provide expert dental services such as Cosmetic Dentistry, Professional Teeth Whitening, Sedation Dentistry and Emergency Dental Services to West Auckland communities including Mt Roskill and New Lynn. 



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